If you ride a bike, any bike, having your pedal cleats neutrally aligned is the best way to avoid the power loss and potential knee pain that comes from improper cleat alignment. Whether you ride in a studio, or outside, you will benefit from a bicycle shoe cleat fitting. If you own a bicycle shop, become a complete show service center and let CleatMaster drive pedal and shoe sales. If your fitness studio offers studio cycling add cleat fitting as a personal training service to differentiate your studio from the competition.


  • CleatMaster™ is the simplest and most accurate way to align Shimano SPD, SPD-SL or Look KeO pedal cleats.
  • CleatMaster™ is the easiest and most effective way to prevent cleat induced repetitive knee strain discomfort while cycling.
  • CleatMaster™ eliminates the pain associated with misaligned cleats.

Why Cleat Position Matters

  • Cleat Position determines pedaling efficiency – improper cleat position = inefficient pedaling
  • Cleat Position determines hip rotation – improper cleat position = unnatural hip rotation
  • Cleat Position determines knee stresses – improper cleat position = possible repetitive knee strain injury

Features of the CleatMaster Tool

  • Works with any bicycle.
  • Clips into existing** pedal systems, no disassembly required.
  • Works with any studio fitness cycle.
  • Can be done in 30 minutes or less.
  • Full kinetic fit using your own pedal motion, not static. 


In addition to torquemasterassyjpgour CleatMaster line of alignment tools, we also produce torque master. This device allows you to set identical pedal cleat tension on multiple bikes using nothing more than a torque wrench and torque master.

Torque master accepts all 3-hole and 2-hole cleats and accepts a 3/8″ drive torque wrench or a 22mm hex socket.

Torque master is a must have tool for studio cycling service technicians.

** CleatMaster™ is available for Shimano SPD, SPD-SL, and Look KeO pedal systems.