#D2R2 2016 is in the books…

What a ride. This is the most difficult thing we have ever done on a tandem. Most of our training has been using and developing SynchroRide through last Winter and this Spring/Summer. We both teach a few classes a week and steal ride time on the weekends when we can. Our serious on bike training was limited to the last three weekends, and one of them was the break in the new ride. Our total miles on the bike in 2016 was under 500 going into the ride. (Read about D2R2 here)

SynchroRide works, D2R2 180k in under the time cut (13:53:49). It took everything we had and then some. Without the cardio training of SynchroRide, and the amazing mental and physical strength of my stoker extraordinaire, this would not have been possible.

Author: Mark Shelley

President and founder of VeloBene Bicycle Products, Inc.

108 thoughts on “#D2R2 2016 is in the books…”

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