A Better Ride

Not satisfied with the status quo of the state of cycling today? Neither was VeloBene. We have created solutions to improve your ride on any bike. Indoors in the studio, out in the world on the road or trail, VeloBene Bicycle Products is your better ride experience.

Cleat PosiWordPressCleatMastertion Matters!

Improper cleat position can lead to repetitive strain injuries and robs you of power. Our patented CleatMaster™ line of cleat fitting tools align pedal cleats on bicycle shoes using the full rotation of the rider’s pedal stroke and remove the source of alignment induced injury.

Leave No WWordPressSynchroRideatt Behind!

After watching dozens upon dozens of indoor cyclists plateau
or even worse, regress in their level of cycling fitness, VeloBene created SynchroRide™. SynchroRide is an instructional technique for indoor cycling instructors. We focus on what’s important, student success not fads.

Comfort, PowWordPressFitStudioer, Performance, Choose All Three!

Putting our 30 years of experience in group exercise and competitive cycling to work, the VeloBene Cycling Fit Studio opened in 2016. Our fit studio works with you to find the best ride experience possible. Not every one is or wants to be the next Chris Froome. We fit you to your bike balancing your goals and your body so that you generate the maximum amount of power while being comfortable on the bike. We never lose site of why we ride, because it’s fun.